Have you ever looked at an item of furniture or décor made from pallet wood and thought to yourself, “Man, that’s really neat. I wish I could make something like that.”?

Fortunately for you, you can do it. We have put together a series of the best DIY pallet project ideas for you in this article. Not only are they easy enough even for rookies to attempt, but experienced folks will also get a kick out of these really cool projects.  So where do we begin?

Rustic Pallet Sofa

Think hot summer evenings, the companionship of your spouse and some cool lemonade to quench your thirst.  All this, while snuggling on the front porch in a rustic pallet sofa you’ve made yourself. Pallet sofas make the best porch or outdoor furniture thanks to their appearance. They are also easy to make when given the right tutorial to follow.

Towel Rack

Are you looking to add a wooden touch to your bathroom interior décor but don’t quite have the budget to pick out something fancy at IKEA? No need to worry, why not make your own towel rack from refurbished pallet wood? Not only can you get good quality pallets with unique color, but you can also make the rack as simple or as fancy as you want as shown in the image here.

Pallet Hope Chest

Do you have a little girl that you’d like to build a hope chest for? Here is the perfect father-daughter project to work on. Armed with pallet pieces, a nail gun, some nails and hinges for the chest, you’re all but set to start working on this project.

Pallet Picture Frames

Nothing says home quite like the décor you pick and choose for yourself. Adding pallet picture frames that you’ve made yourself only serves to highlight the uniqueness of your home.

Pallet Mug Rack

Who needs fancy mug racks when you can custom make your own? Plus you can print out fancy messages on your own mug rack! See if any mug racks on the market can beat that!

Pallet Sink Shelf

Kitchens always seem to need more space to put things. This pallet sink shelf will come in handy as a place to store hand sanitizer, dish soap and other kitchen cleaning supplies. You can also choose to keep it simple by placing flowers or candles on the shelf.


Pallet Bench

After your first few pallet projects, you may find yourself desiring to work on more challenging ideas. Pallet benches will provide just the edge you are looking for. It’ll require a bit of effort, and perhaps a couple of Saturday’s set aside to fully finish this project but once done, you’ll be happy you tried it.

Pallet Coat Hanger

We all know the feeling of having to pick up after people or even ourselves! It’s not fun. Make your life easier by crafting this simple coat hanger.

Multi-purpose Pallet Desk

This desk is multi-purpose and can be used as a working surface and a book shelf. It requires a bit of patience to make, but you’ll be happy with this unique finished product.

Pallet Tree Shelf

Who doesn’t love a bit of extra storage space? This tree shelf is both easy to make and looks pretty awesome too!

Stenciled Pallet Insignia

This one is definitely a project to involve the kids. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’ll teach them how to use their hands to craft something unique, and it will be an opportune moment for you to bond with your children.

Wooden Spoon Rack

This pallet spoon rack gives off a farm feel. It’s quirky and yet unique, it’s simple enough to do, plus you most likely have all that’s needed to make it already.

Pallet Bookshelf

This shelf acts as a welcome storage space plus it adds chic to any living space. You’ll likely receive a lot of compliments and questions about it, so you’ll want to do your best job on this project! You can store books, magazines, picture frames and any other sentimental lightweight objects on this shelf.

Pallet Wine Rack

Are you a wine lover and don’t quite know how best to store and present your wine? This wine rack looks awesome and it’s pretty creative. Not only does this wine rack make you look like a wine connoisseur but it will add sophistication to any area of your home.

Pallet Living Wall

Everyone is going green these days, and one way of bringing a touch of shrubbery into your home is through this living wall. It’s great for growing herbs you use frequently in your cooking as well as sweet-smelling plants that’ll cheer your living space.


As you can see, crafting with pallet wood can be quite fun. It presents so many options for you and you’ll have so many projects to keep you busy every weekend. It’s also a fantastic way to spend time with your children or to distress. Plus you’ll feel a sense of pride at the completion of every project. So what are you waiting for? Pick a project and get started today!

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