Hi, I’m Jordan Peters, and I’m the Chief Editor here at DIYerHacks. 

If you love doing things yourself, we have something in common. Whether it is fixing up my house or building a Go-Kart with my child, I love working with my hands. The simple satisfaction of answering a compliment on my handiwork with, “Thanks, I made it myself” is the best feeling in the world.

Out of that came DIYerHacks, because I wanted to share tips and tricks I have learned along the way. Here you will find simple instructions to build a toddler bed, non-toxic DIY cleaning solutions, yard fixes and fun outdoor activities, organization tricks, and even tips on growing your own hydroponic garden! We have tried to include a wide variety of subjects, and are adding more articles, tutorials, and videos all the time.

Don’t spend money paying someone else to install that new dishwasher you just bought. We cover how to do that from start to finish. Our entire crew is people just like you. We don’t want to spend any money if we don’t have to. So DIY hacks are where we share all the neat tips, tricks, and hacks we find. Some of our projects come from the internet, many are from other DIYers, and of course, our own projects. We even found a gentleman that made his own sawmill!

Our motto here is “No job too large!” If you have a project that we haven’t covered and you’re curious about how to get it done, drop us a line. We’ll do our best to research and write about what you want to read. Join our community on Facebook for some great videos and infographics with even more DIY hacks. You can register on our site too! We are here to have fun, make some neat stuff, and share our hacks with you.

Jordan Peters




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