Brooms are one of the oldest cleaning tools, and nearly every household uses one on a regular basis. Despite their importance, most brooms end up getting propped up in the corner of a kitchen or tucked away in a cluttered closet.

If you’re tired of replacing damaged brooms or tripping over one has fallen onto the floor, a broom holder can be the perfect solution. We’ll discuss some options for broom holders and give you some tips on how to make your own broom organizer.

​How Important Is It To Hang Up Cleaning Tools?

Even though some households are tossing out their brooms, mops, and other tools for sweeping clothes and similar products, brooms and mops are essential cleaning tools to keep around the house.Where do you keep your broom and mop? Do you have it stored in the hallway closet? Maybe you have it hanging on a hook behind a door. While these storage options are usually adequate, a mop and broom holder can help keep your cleaning tools more organized.Many people wonder if it’s important to hang up your broom and mop. Most cleaning and organization experts will say, “yes.” Hanging up your cleaning tools keeps them more organized and in one place (no more searching for where you might have left the broom).Depending on the type of broom you have, such as a corn broom, hanging the broom on a holder will help retain the shape. Hanging up cleaning tools can also help them stay cleaner and dry faster if they get wet, which is essential when using a mop. Overall, keeping your mop and broom on a holder can help extend their life and do a better job of cleaning.

​Shopping For Broom Holders

​Are you ready to make an upgrade from the old hook in the closet to a proper broom holder? Before you head out and buy the first one you find, there are some things to consider.

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How Much Do You Want To Spend?

Whether you’re shopping online or at your local Big Box store, you’re likely to see a variation in prices. You can spend less than $$ up to over $$ on a rack for your cleaning tools. As with most products, the quality is dependent on the price.

If you have a set budget but are unhappy with your options within your price range, there’s a good chance you can make your own holder or rack with stronger materials for the same price.

​Where Do You Want To Store Your Cleaning Tools?

Before you buy a holder for your cleaning tools, you want to make sure the holder will fit in the space where you want to store your tools. If you are planning on storing them on the wall of your utility room or in your garage, you might have the space for a larger rack. If a closet or behind a door are your only options, you may need to downsize or purchase individual holders.It’s also important to consider that if you are going to hang up a mop or other cleaning tools that get wet, you should put them in a place where there’s enough air circulation for drying. It’s not a great idea to store a wet mop in a closet, as it may take longer to dry.If you do have to store your mop in an enclosed space, try to let it dry out in the open and always hang it up rather than letting it sit on the floor or in a bucket.

How Many Tools Do You Want To Hang Up?

Many of today’s cleaning tools are lightweight but depending on how many brooms, brushes, and mops you plan on hanging up; you’ll need to choose a rack that can handle the weight.A majority of broom racks have plastic hooks and other parts, if you’re planning on loading up the rack, look for one with heavy-duty parts and ideally made out of metal.

Ease Of Installation

Another thing to consider when looking at various broom holders is how easy they are to install. While most holders should be easy enough for most anyone to put together, make sure the instructions are easy to follow and that you have the right tools.Some people prefer to use hooks that have an adhesive that can be easily removed. While these types of hooks are easy to install and are a nice option for a tight budget, it’s important to keep in mind that they may not last as long as other broom holders.

Easy To Clean

While most cleaning tool holders have a simple design, some of them can collect a lot of grime for the cleaning tool. Not only is it important to clean your broom and mop now and then, but keep the holder clean, too.If it looks too time-consuming to keep clean, look for a holder that is easy to clean off every once in a while.

Making Your Own Broom Holder

Often times, when we look for household organization products, such as a cleaning tool, we think that we can make the same rack for a fraction of the price. If you have basic carpentry skills and the right tools for the job, you probably can make your own broom rack.Here’s a basic broom holder design that you can make to hold your household cleaning tools or a garage broom. For this project you will need a two-by-four board, measuring tape, a power drill, 3-inch wood screw, tool hooks (preferably two-prong), and a level. You may also need sandpaper, a saw, and paint or lacquer (if you choose to paint the rack).

​Steps For Making A Cleaning Tool Holder

​As with all DIY projects using tools, always have gloves and safety glasses available. While this project is easy enough for one person to do, it may be easier with a little help. Don’t have a saw? Either buy a board with the desired length or ask a friend (with a saw) to help.If you’re planning on painting your holder, it may be easiest to do the painting before you add the hooks and install the holder. You can always use painters tape to help you mark your measurements.

  1. 1​When you measure the length of your board, be sure to keep at least 16 inches of space between for each cleaning tool (depending on their sizes). Giving each broom and mop enough space will keep them clean, dry, and in excellent condition.
  2. 2​Make sure to leave about 2 inches from each end so that you have a hole for installing the board to the wall.
  3. 3​If you need to adjust the length of your board, just sand off any rough edges with sandpaper.
  4. 4​Make the correct measurements on your board to leave enough room between each cleaning tool. Even though brooms and mops are different sizes, it’s best to keep the spacing as equal as possible. Center your marks, for the hook, on the center of the board.
  5. 5​Once all of your markings are on the board (and you have double-checked each measurement for accuracy), use a drill to pre-drill holes for your hook. The diameter of your drill bit should be a little less than the diameter of the screw on the hook.
  6. 6​After all the holes are drilled, hold the board against the wall and use a level to make sure you mount it evenly. Use a stud finder to find the studs in the wall, so you know where to hang and install your holder.
  7. 7​Screw in the hooks and make any finishing touches. The cleaning tool rack should be ready to use right away.

​Some Alternate Tips for Making Your Own Rack For A Broom and Mop

As you browse the Internet, you may some design elements that are not in the DIY project gave you. It’s okay to mix and match some aspects but the important thing to remember is to provide enough space between cleaning tools and that the holder can withstand the weight of whatever you hang on the hooks.

Some DIY broom holders use two boards rather than one, and instead of using one hook on the board, they use pipe fittings so that the broom or mop is held in place in two places (you can slide the cleaning tool into place). Hooks are placed on the boards for dustpans, hand brooms, and other small cleaning tools.

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