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DIY Cornhole Plans – How To Make Your Own Set And More

Cornhole is a fun backyard game you can play as a family. Making your own cornhole set is easier than you think. You can complete this DIY project in one afternoon with a few basic supplies. This is perfect if you like making things with your hands or just want to save money.

Things To Consider Before Building A Cornhole Set

Ask yourself how durable you want your cornhole set to be. Plywood is the recommended material for building your own cornhole game, but keep in mind that you will need a saw to cut wood and a drill to punch pilot holes for the wood screws.

If you want to create a cornhole game you will only use once, think about using corrugated cardboard instead. This is an affordable DIY project that won’t require you to cut wood. You will need to find something light to fill the cornhole bags to avoid damaging your temporary cornhole set.

If you decide to use wood for your cornhole set, think about painting and varnishing the platforms. Adding a coat of varnish will protect the wood from damage and humidity.

You can easily find corn hole plans for a standard set. We have provided dimensions for a standard-size cornhole game. However, you can change these dimensions to create a small set if you have young children. A small cornhole game will also be perfect if you don’t have much space.

Ask yourself how detailed the cornhole set needs to be. We recommend that you take the time to build a box for the platform and that you attach the legs inside of the box.

This design is sturdy and will look better. This is how regulation cornhole sets are built. However, you can save time by simply cutting the platform and attaching the legs directly under it. This design won’t be as durable, but this DIY project will be a lot easier and perfectly suitable for a cornhole game you will use occasionally.

Look for supplies such as 2×4 wood studs and plywood you can upcycle before heading out to your local home improvement store. You should also check if you have any paint and varnish leftover from other DIY projects.

Take an inventory of the tools you have. You might have to borrow a few things or make some modifications to corn hole plans in function of the tools you have available.

If you don’t have a drill or want to make this DIY project easier, you should think about using wood glue instead. Your cornhole set won’t be as durable if you assemble it with wood glue, but this is an option worth considering for a set you won’t use frequently.

The most difficult part of building a cornhole set is cutting the hole in the platform. You will need a jigsaw to cut this hold. A drill would also be useful since you will need to use wood screws to secure your cornhole set. A circular saw would also make cutting wood easier, even though you can do it with a hand saw.

Remember to be safe and always wear protective goggles and gloves when cutting wood. Don’t hesitate to stop regularly and to check your dimensions since you will need to make two platforms with the same dimensions.

Here Is What You Will Need

These are the supplies you will need to build your cornhole game:

  • Two pieces of 2×4 plywood. Thickness can vary. Thicker plywood will last longer but will be more difficult to cut.
  • Four pieces of 2×4 wood studs. If you can only find wood studs that are shorter than 84”, you will need more than four.
  • Wood screws. Size can vary, but 2 ½ screws would be ideal. You will need corresponding drill bits.
  • Sandpaper
  • Two colors of paint and varnish.

Use this checklist to make sure you have all the tools you need:

  • Drill and drill bits.
  • Jigsaw or band saw.
  • Circular or hand saw.
  • Miter box.
  • Compass.
  • Level.
  • Tape measure.

Cut The Wood St​​​​uds

Start by cutting the wood studs to make the frame and legs of your cornhole boards. If you have a hand saw, make sure you use the miter box to get a straight cut.

You will need to cut your four 2×4 wood studs to get:

  • Four frame sides with a length of 48.”
  • Four frame ends with a length of 21.”
  • Four legs with a length of 16.”

You will then need to create a 30-degree indentation on one end of the legs and to round the other end. Use the miter box and the jigsaw to cut the legs at a 30-degree angle. You can round the other end with a jigsaw or band saw. Once the legs are properly indented, the cornhole sets should be 12” high.

Build The Frames Of Your Cornhole Set

You can look up corn hole plans to get a better idea of how to assemble the frame sides and ends to create two boxes. All you have to do is assemble two sides with two ends to form a rectangle. Make sure you keep the frame sides on the outside.

Use the drill to create pilot holes for the wood screws. Ideally, you should have two screws securing each corner of the frame. Place the frame sides on the outside, and secure each corner with two wood screws inserted from the outside.

Cut The Platform

Your plywood platform should measure 48×24.” It is best to measure the frames you have built before you cut your two pieces of plywood. Using a circular saw will help you save time when cutting plywood, but you can do it with a hand saw. Be careful to cut the plywood in a straight line.

Drill pilot holes into the frame and platform. You should place a screw at each corn of the platform, and use a couple of additional screws on each side.

Cut The Hole

This is the most difficult part of building your own cornhole game. The diameter of the hole should be 6.”

The center of the hold should be 9” away from the top of the board, and 12” away from both sides. Once you have found the center of the hold, use the compass to trace a circle with a diameter of 6.”

Use the drill to punch a hole along this circle and finish cutting the hole with the jigsaw. Use sandpaper on the edges of the hole.

Attach The Legs

You should mount the legs inside of the box you have built to support the cornhole platform. The rounded edge of the legs should be inside of the box.

Use a couple of wood screws to secure the legs to the frame sides. Use a level to make sure the cornhole platform will be straight once it sits on the ground.

Finishing Touches

You should use sandpaper on the entire set. Traditionally, cornhole platforms have a large triangle traced from the hole to the base of the board.

You can use some painter’s tape to create straight lines on your board and paint it. You can get creative with the designs you paint on your cornhole sets, but make sure you can easily tell the two boards apart. Add a coat of varnish to make your cornhole set last longer.

Make The Cornhole Bags

If you don’t already have cornhole bags, you can easily make your own. It is best to have a sewing machine for this step. You can find templates for cornhole bags if you are not sure how to cut the fabric.

You need to cut two 6×6 squares with rounded corners and sew them together to make a bag. You will need to make four bags in one color and four bags in a different color. Finding fabrics that match the colors you used to paint your cornhole set would be a nice touch.

Canvas duck cloth is an excellent choice for making cornhole bags. You will need to sew these pieces of cloth with a strong polyester thread. You can use other materials to make bags, but they might not last very long.

Sew three sides of the bags together and fill them with two cups of cleaned whole corn. You can also use resin pellets for a more durable result. Ideally, each bag should weigh 16 ounces. Use a zigzag stitch on the fourth side to close the bags. Be careful not to overfill the bags, or they might break on impact.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, it isn’t likely that you will be able to sew resistant bags by hand. It would be best to purchase cornhole bags instead.

Follow these instructions to build your own cornhole set. Don’t hesitate to customize these plans and to make a few changes depending on the tools and supplies you have on hand. Have fun with this DIY project, and make sure you have everything you need before getting started!

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