Whether you’re a young couple who is ready to start a family or you have a household full of active kids of various ages, your family room is probably your go-to spot. Since most family rooms are favorite gathering places, they also tend to become cramped, disorganized and even look a little outdated.

Your family room should still be one of the favorite rooms in the whole house, so why not give it a little TLC to make it more functional, stylish, and a room that you’re proud to show off? We’ve got some great family room decorating ideas to help you find the right look for your family.

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What’s Your Design Style?

Before you start redecorating your family room, figuring out your design style is a great place to start. Some design styles are a little easier to work with and offer some flexibility when decorating.

Styles like Traditional or Mid-Century Modern have a very specific “look” and your family room may look out of place if you don’t use the design elements all the way throughout your house.

Some may argue that there aren’t any strict rules when it comes to decorating one’s home and it’s more important about what feels comfortable. While it’s true that a homeowner can decorate their home as they please, a cohesive look is often more aesthetically pleasing.

Take a little time to do some research and see what your design style is, especially if you aren’t sure; it will make your family room design ideas a little easier to define.

How Do You Use Your Family Room?

As you’re determining your design style, think about how you use your family room and if it works well as is or if you have specific goals for using the room. Are you trying to come with a place for family picture ideas? Why not make your new and improved family room your backdrop?

Does the room become a dumping ground for unfolded laundry when you’d like it to be a place of quiet and calm? You might want to look at ways to make the room more organized and cozy. Do you want your kids to keep all devices and electronics in one place rather than scattered throughout the house? You might be better off looking at game room ideas for your design.

Making It A Room for Everyone

Families with children often delegate their family room to be the place where the kids hang out. Since this room often becomes “kid central” it has lost its appeal as a family room, and most adult couples don’t want to spend time in it after the kids have gone to bed.

Even if the goal for your family room is a comfortable and functional hangout spot for your kids, there’s no reason why you can’t make it a room for you to enjoy, too. The function and design of the room will most likely to change as your children grow up. Rather than making it all about kids, don’t forget to put some all-ages elements in the room.

Durable yet comfortable family room furniture, framed wall art, multi-purpose shelves, and lots of storage space (such as baskets), are just a few ways to make it a comfortable room for everyone.

Choose the Right Color for the Design Style

Depending on your design style (if you choose to have one), you will probably try to stick with a color scheme. If your style is a little more eclectic, you have a lot of options but, many designers will recommend that you should pick a few colors you love and decorate around those hues.

If your family room is small, you may feel obligated to keep the walls light to make it feel and look brighter. Don’t be afraid to use color; whatever makes the room feel welcoming and comfortable.

Darker walls make work better in a family room that’s dedicated to gaming or watching movies. If your family room is more of a social gathering place or a homework and reading area, lighter might be best.

Update Your Lighting

Many family rooms fall short when it comes to the lighting. Maybe there’s an overhead light or a floor lamp in the corner. Bringing various lighting options into your room can make it a more versatile space.

Overhead lighting can be nice in some circumstances, but it’s not always the most inviting. Consider wall sconces and lamps of different heights to create different light throughout the room.

Choose a Floor Plan That Works for Your Family

Depending on how you plan on using your family room, the way you arrange your furniture may help or hinder your design. It’s important that regardless of the size of the room that you make it easy to walk around in the room. Ideally, if your whole family is spending time together in the room, you shouldn’t have to step over someone to get to your seat on the couch.

Face to face arrangements are often conducive to having some great discussions but may not be practical for a room with small children. Play around with your arrangement and see what looks and feels best. A lot of today’s furniture is lightweight, which makes it easier to move around.

If you have a large family room, take the opportunity to arrange furniture so that you can break up the room in sections for a reading nook by the window or a homework area.

Family Room Ideas for People with Young Children

Young children can disassemble a family room in a short period and because of this, many family rooms with young children are either sparse with decorations or are cluttered playrooms. Create your kid-friendly space for both you and your child to enjoy together.

Some ways to make a family room a room for both young and older is to use a bright color, easy-to-clean furniture, lots of shelving, and creative and attractive storage spaces. When selecting furniture, make sure there are no sharp edges and that it can withstand anything from markers to spilled milk.

Cover your walls with family pictures and your children’s artwork in frames. Keep all electronic and tech devices out of reach. Make sure that your shelving is secured to the wall and that they are high enough to keep your keepsakes from getting broken. Always child-proof your family room as much as you can to avoid a preventable accident.

Design Ideas for People With Teens

Most teens are some of the busiest people in their household, and when they are at home, they are often hiding away in their rooms. Designing your family room, with your teen in mind, is a great way to see more of them and get in a little quality bonding time, too; maybe they will even decide to bring their friends over.

Comfortable furniture is a must, and sectional couches with large coffee tables are great for teens who like to “sprawl” out without being told to keep their feet off the furniture. A lot of modern furniture is durable, comfortable, and has a simple design.

Provide plenty of space for gaming equipment and other devices, but make it easy to hide away when you don’t feel like hanging out in a game room. Easy-to-wash throw pillows and blankets are a nice touch for a cozy space.

Creating A Design That Grows with Your Family

Whether your family is literally growing in numbers or you’re all just getting a little older, it’s wise to choose family room ideas that you’ll be happy with for years to come and one that’s easy to update without spending too much money.

Your family room should be one of your favorite rooms in your home whether your children are preschool-aged or visiting from college. Pick design elements that will make it easy to transition as you continue to enjoy the space.

Tips for A Busy Family 

Once you’ve created the perfect space for your family room, don’t let your family’s busy schedule make the room a disaster. It’s okay to set some ground rules about keeping the room clean and organized.

Create a rotating chore plan for keeping the room the welcoming place you want it to be and if you have young children, give them a chore that they can do such as picking up toys. Providing everyone in your family with a stylish storage container (like a basket) can help to avoid having random items strewn about the family room; simply put it in the container and deal with it later.

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