We’ve all been there;

scrolling through the worldwide internet, searching for the latest and greatest projects to freshen up your life and put a creative spin on things.

The more you begin to uncover projects, the more inspired you become to take these hacks and make them your own, in your own living space.

Below you will find some DIYer’s that continue to motivate us to turn our own homes into a DIY wonderland with easy step by step videos and tips. Whether it be something as simple as a photo display, or something as complex and refinishing your floors, the feeling of accomplishing your DIY endeavor will leave you ready for your next project!

Transferring photos to wood

Founded by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman,  A Beautiful Mess is a women’s lifestyle company focused on creating happiness every day through a homemade lifestyle.

Spend just a few minutes clicking on their site and you’ll be inspired in no time!

We loved this how-to on transferring photos to wood. It is a great way to display life’s favorite moments in such a lovely fashion.

A Beautiful Mess- Transferring Photos to Wood


Cinder Block Planters

Outdoor hacks are an all-time favorite way to welcome new visitors to your home.

This low budget, modern Cinder Block Plant Holder created by Matthew Russo of A Creative Traveler is a “green thumb itch” you will want to scratch once you see how simple this project really is!

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Painted Concrete Flooring

One outdoor, and even indoor modern trend we are loving lately:

a painted concrete floor

We enjoyed this user friendly how-to from Jenny Komenda who is a Phoenix-based interior designer. She is the creator of Little Green Notebook and Juniper Studio. 

If there is anything we take away from Jenny, it would be an inspiration!

All of her DIY projects are easy, fun ways to liven up your home with any budget you may be working with. Not to mention, she has a pretty awesome print shop that allows you to download and print art to warm up your walls!

Check out her concrete floor painting how-to

Revamping an Old Fireplace

If there’s one great vantage point in a dining room or living area, it’s a great fireplace with a beautifully decorated mantle.

This updated, re-tiled fireplace adds a lot of character to the room.

UpModel provides great tips to revamping your fireplace and creating an inviting vibe that will leave your home dwellers coming back for more cozy conversation.

Open Up Small Spaces

New York based textile designer Judy Ross joined forces with Apartment Therapy to bring five style tricks to open up a small space. Combining white walls, with lighting and height accentuation in your space, you will be loving these easy hacks as much as we do!

DIY Budget Entryway

The entryway or mudroom to a home can be one of two things…

a cluttered, shoe piled mess, or a warm and welcoming space for new visitors.

We love this DIY video by Great Home Ideas with Better Homes And Gardens.

These helpful hacks above will get your entryway in tip-top shape while on a low budget.

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